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Famous Filipino Celebrities Who Have Family Members With Special Needs

“Special needs” is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological. These people not only require special attention but also love and understanding for them to reach their highest potential amid their disabilities.



Having this condition can put stress on the child and the family. Many people see their weaknesses and their appearance. Some families see it as a major challenge but others view it as their successes in the daily difficulties they have to endure.

Every situation has its own story and every case is different. Here are some famous artists with family members who have special needs.


1. Kris Aquino




Kris admitted that she had a hard time accepting the condition of her eldest son. Josh was diagnosed with “autism” and Kris understood that in order to provide for his child’s special needs, she had to fully accept his situation.


2. Candy Pangilinan



In an interview, Candy confessed that she sometimes blamed herself for her son’s condition. Despite of her child’s disability, the comedianne said that she had been drawing strength to the Lord.

“I never questioned God. As a matter of fact, I went to Him immediately.”




After a few years he launched his book entitled “Mommy Dear: Our Special Love” in which he related her experience in raising Quentin, his son with autism.


3. Vickie Rushton



In 2017 Vicky shared a photo of her sister Kian on Facebook. Because of the sheer amount of work, they did not spend much time with his brother. But despite that, they didn’t make it a point to not bond as siblings.


4. Andrea Torres




Despite his condition, Andrea Torres expressed her love to his brother Kenneth who has special needs. The Kapuso actress vowed that she would do her best to protect him, especially against those who would made fun of him.


5. Karen Davila


Veteran news anchor Karen Davila also shared the special condition of one of his son, David. She added that it was her son who taught her how to truly love without expecting anything in return.




“Sometimes when the intervention is not full, they cannot show your love back. There were very painful times when David was around five, he wasn’t hugging me, not saying I love you, he could not look me in the eye. And nothing is more painful to a mother.”


6. Sofia Andres



According to the actress, her brother Bryan was diagnosed with Down Syndrome when he was 12 years old. Despite of his limitations, Sofia never tried to hide his brother’sa condition. She even gave him and the opportunity to appear in the movie “The Story of Us.”


7. Ara Mina




Ara believes her lucky charm is her sister Batching. She has down syndrome and they do not consider it to be a burden to their family. According to the actress, Batching is a blessing to their family and one of their sources of love.


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