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An Indonesian Teenager Survives 49 Days Adrift The Sea By Reading The Holy Bible

Aldi Novel Adilang recounted being circled by a shark at one point during his 1,600-mile journey from Indonesia. He was rescued earlier this month near the U.S. island territory of Guam, officials said. He ate fish and read his Bible daily during the ordeal.

Aldi said he was not scared at first because he thought that some boat will see him and rescue him. But after many weeks passed, he began to be fearful and thought, “What if no one sees me?”

Adilang had worked as a lamp keeper for three years, continuously lighting the traps lamps to attract fish. Once a week his company would come out to the floating trap to collect the fish and restock Adilang’s hut with food, water, and fuel.

In Mid-July, however, everything changed. Heavy winds shook the fish trap, known locally as a rompong, and snapped the moorings that held it stationary, casting him adrift. Over the next 49 days, Adilang would drift thousands of miles from home headed toward Guam, with no paddle or engine.


The teenager only had a few days worth of supplies and survived by catching fish, burning wood from his hut to cook them, and sipping seawater through his clothes to minimize his salt intake.

Aldi went unnoticed by passing ships despite waving his clothes and flashing the lamps.

“They did not understand when I said ‘help’ in our language. I remembered what my friend taught me. Use the English word Help!” he said.

After Aldi’s rescue off the coast of Guam, he was reunited with his family in Indonesia.

He surpassed those hardships while embracing and reading the Holy Bible Book.


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