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Farmer Father Successfully Sent 8 Children To Collage, All Are Now Professionals

In this world, nothing beats every parent’s love for their children even it means sacrificing a lot.

They will certainly do everything just to support their family and give their youths a better future. Just like this amazing dad that almost became hunchback just to support their needs.

Despite of all the hard works in the field, this loving father didn’t stop for his family. And because of planting rice crops, he managed to send his children to school— not just one, but eight! His children are grateful for all of his sacrifices.

One of his children is Jovy Cataraja-Albite, one of the daughters of Tatay. Through Facebook, Jovy shared her gratefulness to her parents. According to Jovy, without their parents’ support, she and her siblings wouldn’t able to achieve their dreams.

Jovy is the eldest among the eight. Their life was not that easy due to poverty. However, Jovy’s parents taught her to be diligent give their family brighter tomorrows. Both of their parents are farmers.


With the help of ‘pagsasaka,’ Tatay slowly able to send his children to school. Despite all the pain of his back because of planting crops in the field, Tatay didn’t allow this to hinder him from supporting his children. In the end, Tatay successfully sent all of his eight children to college.

As of now, he has sons and daughters who will be graduating in different courses.

One is a nurse, police, architect, marine, accounting staff, civil engineer, teacher and nautical! We are truly stunned by how Tatay was able to give their family a better future.

Now that Tatay is old, all of his children are now taking care of them and paying back what they have done. They are to feel a lighter weight on their shoulders as their children are now all successful. As per Jovy, they owe their beautiful lives to their parents.

This story will truly inspire many because of the parents’ hard work and sacrifices and all of the eight young ladies and young men who didn’t waste their parents’ sacrifices and money.


Kudos, Tatay, and graduates!


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