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Viral Police featured on KMJS, can possibly face charges for meeting his girlfriend while on duty

After being featured on KMJS, the handsome policeman and her girlfriend’s ‘nakakakilig’ meet up had been the talk of the town for days now.

According to their story, Joebert Lacea, a personnel of PNP-Special Action Force. and Richelle Amorcilla met through Facebook Group Chat.

They never met each other personally but talks a lot about video calls and messages.

Their virtual relationship continues and on their 2nd monthsary, destiny played it well for the couple.

They finally met in person while Joebert was on his duty waiting for their departure in Richelle’s town.


Just like any other KDrama, Richelle chase the time and hurried her way to her boyfriend. What happened next is the reason why they became viral.

Many netizens praised the couple for showing that love isn’t about how long you’ve been together, but on how you feel for each other.

However, after being featured on KMJS, the viral policeman suddenly became the hot seat. Many photos and allegations came to him and tagged as “babaero”, “matulis” and even a ch3a’ter.

He became the center of the memes and judgment on social media. Some quite got disappointed with him but others are still trying to balance the whole situation.


Meanwhile, one netizen expressed her thoughts that Joebert might face charges for doing such a thing while on his duty.

Based on a Facebook page, ‘Legal Army Wives’, the viral policeman is not thinking right those times.

He forgot about his sworn duty and disregarded the safety of his troupe.

The post talks about how Joebert, put his troupe in danger when he revealed their exact location to a stranger met online. Certain unexpected events may happen and put their mission at risk.

Read the whole post below:

Meanwhile, netizens agreed with this post and expressed their opinion about this.


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