Madam Ely napaiyak sa kanyang napanaginipan tungkol kaibigan si Lloyd

Nakailang araw na din ang nakalipas simula noong pumanaw ang sikat na vlogger na si Lloyd Cadena. Si Lloyd Cadena ay isang simat na vlooger at kilala bilang isang masiyahin at matulungin sa kapwa. Kaya noong ibinalita ng kanyang pamilya ang kanyang pagpanaw ay nagulat ang lahat sa social media work lalo na ang kanyang mga fans, followers at mga malalapit na kaibigan.

Isa na rito si Madam Ely na kanyang best friend at tumatayong manager, maliban kay Madam Ivan isa si Madam Ely o sabihin nating siya’y kanyang BFF na hanggang ngayon ay tahimik dahil hindi pa rin niya matanggap ang pagkawala ng kanyang BFF.

Kamakailan ay napanaginipan ni Madam Ely ang kanyang malapit na kaibigan na si Lloyd Cadena at ito ay agad niyang ipinost sa social media.

Good morning mare. The other night I dreamt of you, but we never got to talk. I dreamt of you going up the stage, mala-Youtube Fanfest, and I was just there watching. I was busy coordinating with the organizers to make sure that your script and spiels are ready & that you will not say anything stupid or wrong while you’re at it running the show. I would always be the bida-bida friend who would edit everything no matter what most especially if you tell me “MARE, DI KO BET SABIHIN YAN! BAGUHIN MO”


From those simple things, to writing your script & concept in our sponsored videos to make sure we give the best possible output to our clients — we loved each other that way, beyond work & beyond everything else. If you see me tired & stressed you would always tell me na “CANCEL NA YAN MARE!” Coz you know how I shielded you from everything, from client meetings to client pressures, I was ready to take it all because I didn’t want you to focus on those. Your passion for content creation is beyond compare. I’ve never seen anyone as passionate as you are that’s why over the years you remained to be on top. I wanted you to focus on your passion and love for the art. You did. The material things and the ka-chings along the way were merely decorations, the real GOLD was your hardwork, passion, & dedication to the craft. Fame was never discussed between us. It was never a driving force. We saw fame as a personal sacrifice, something essential that would allow us to do good and allow us to spread that “good” to millions of Filipinos around the world in the hopes of inspiring more to do the same no matter how hard it may get.

As I was standing there watching you, even it was just a rehearsal, I was clapping my hands. I still got teary eyed. Everytime you’re on stage, I automatically forget that I’m your friend because I suddenly turn out to be your #1 FAN! Parang gusto ko rin makipagsiksikan kasama ng lahat para makapagpapicture sayo. You’re my bestfriend, my soulmate, and my partner-in-crime and today I woke up terribly missing you. I don’t usually post coz I just can’t— I don’t have enough courage still to face the pain. I love you mare. 🙁

Good morning mare. The other night I dreamt of you, but we never got to talk. I dreamt of you going up the stage,…

Posted by Madam Ely on Thursday, September 17, 2020


Written by Kim

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