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Jake Ejercito revealed something in his past that shocked many netizens


Despite his “chick boy” aura, you can only count on one hand the total numbers of the ex-lovers that Jake Ejercito had.



And one of them is the former actress and now mother of two Andy Eigenmann. Who had a child with him.



Jake and Andi shared 4 years of relationship together, which resulted in their daughter Ellie who is now turning 9 years old this year.



Aside from focusing on being a father to his son Ellie, Jake wants to focus on his career over finding a partner first, especially that he is just starting his path in showbiz.




He does not specifically feel lonely, this is what matters now despite being alone, According to Jake.



“Oh, yeah, I’ve been happily single for a while now,” he said.

Added him, “I never look for it. Love, for me, I believe it just happens. Right place, right time, right person.”



When he was asked his opinion regarding love, at first sight, Jake revealed that he is among the people who believe that such a thing exists.




“Obviously, kasama yung looks. Yun yung first thing na mapapansin mo, e.”

“Kasi if she couldn’t carry a conversation, so paano mangayayari, di ba?” Jake added.



He is the type of person where he follows his heart more than what his brain tells him. As Jake added.



“Paano ako umasa? It’s funny talking about it, pero when I fall for someone, I kind of fall hard.

“So I will do everything to the point na medyo nagiging unhealthy.”



Confessed him, “Like, there are times I’d fly from London to Manila just to run after a girl. Wala sa plano and without my parents knowing.”



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