Panlaban ang beauty! Makagwapo ipinakilala na sa wakas ang di umano ipinalit sa dating jowang si Makaganda

It’s been a month since, Christian Merck Grey and Caffery Namindang’s quarrel. The famous couple vlogger separated due to severe marital problems such as money, emotional pain, and [email protected]

Many of their fans hope they can fix their personal problem, but on both sides, there seems to be no intention of settling the relationship. and the truth is Merck has already moved on.

In his new vlog, many were surprised especially their fans when he introduced the new girl. Is this really the replacement for Makaganda for what the former couple vlogger started for their career? However, Merck is looking for a new partner on a well-known dating site called BIGO live.

Caffey is known by many as “Makaganda”. this couple vlogger is known for making many funny videos that have garnered over a million on Youtube. But in Raffy Tulfo’s program, Caffey vented his resentment towards his long time partner Merck. because of the accusation that Merck has kept all the earnings to himself.


now that the famous couple vlogger is separated, Merck has moved on with their separation from Caffey. That’s why he enjoyed using a dating site where he met the beautiful woman Gieana Penalba, after seeing her live stream, Merck was immediately hurt.

Merck and Gieana met, while the two exchanged messages on the vlog, netizens reacted because Merck had already found a replacement for Caffey. According to fans, there is no chemistry between the two of them.

Unexpectedly, many are excited about the tandem of Merck and the new girl but the real question is what was Caffey’s reaction to her ex-boyfriend’s new girl, as of now Caffey has still no comment about it.


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