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Ronnie Ricketts’s Daughter goes Viral because of her Latina looks

Ronnie Ricketts was the biggest action to start back in the ’90s.

He can watch both on television and in cinemas. A talented Action star and martial artist that proves his talent within his roles and his arts. Also a good looking actor with his era.


The fans first heard about him because he got involve with Maricel Soriano “The Diamond Star” for some time.

He is now married to his fellow star Mariz and has beautiful kids. He becomes the head of OMB (Optical Media Board) after he left showbiz.


His fans hardly heard about him and Mariz now but their viral youngest daughter became a popular topic of the netizen because of her exceptional beauty.

Raechelle Marie is the youngest daughter of the couple Ricky and Mariz and you can’t even be denied that she got her looks from her parents.

Raechelle is 20 years old and blessed with a beautiful body beside her looks. Have you ever wondered how she does this?

Well, Boxing is her sports, She got these sports from her dad. She even went together with her dad during his training. Not only that, she even got a talent for dancing and painting. A very talented Raechelle indeed.


In her Social Media account, netizens noticed that Raechelle is very close to her parents and her siblings.

She loves to travel and to discover different places around the world. Taiwan and New York are some of their favorites. Raechelle loves to go to beaches and people around her noticed her beautiful body is.

For some people, they want Raechelle to follow in the footsteps of her parents in showbiz, but for now, she’s not ready to become a celebrity. She loves and contented doing things that she loves today.


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